Gambling banned in Greece: Fact Check

Gambling banned in Greece: Fact Check

The origin of democracy and the Olympic Games, Greece has been tormented with financial issues during the economic downturn of ongoing years. Presently having gotten two bailouts from the EU, the Greek government has been rolling out significant improvements to the manner in which online gambling is directed in the country.

The Legal Landscape

At the point when online gambling clubs took off around the turn of the thousand years, the Greek government was especially against it, and in 2002 passed a law for gambling banned in Greece.

In any case, Law 3037/2002 neglected to make a differentiation between online gambling, land-based gambling machines and online video games, implying that in any event, messing around on consoles, for example, Playstation or Xbox was banned from internet cafes.


The laws were later changes in gambling regulation in Greece, with the 2011 Gambling Act making land-based slot machines and online gambling legal trying to fund-raise through betting licenses and taxes.

This Act saw the government award 24 break licenses to gambling operators, and made arrangements for a changeless licensing framework to be set up.

Following across the board worries over the legality of the Greek gambling industry, the CJEU decided in January 2013 that the monopoly was in reality unlawful. In March, the Greek government submitted proposed amendments to its gambling laws to the European Commission, provoking a three-month ‘standstill’ while the EU thought about the recommendations.

At the point when the Greek government said it was going to license and direct the domestic online gambling market we respected this as a positive advance.

Notwithstanding, rather than empowering the development of a serious and well-directed market, the Greek government and Gaming Commission are blocking significant European private operators from it.

Mainstream Markets

While there has been vulnerability over Greek gambling laws lately, online poker is still mainstream among Greek residents. Many have kept on playing through the transitional legal period including interval licenses, with locales, for example, Party Poker offering games in both Greek and English.

In any case, it’s not simply online that Greeks can play poker, with anybody worried about the legality of online gaming ready to play at one of the many land gambling clubs situated on the islands and mainland.

The Future of Gambling in Greece

Greece gambling sites and law monopoly of the national gambling industry might not have had the ideal impact, with the organization reporting a 71% drop in profits in the main quarter of 2013. This was ascribed to the new 30% tax on gross gaming revenue as of late required by the Greek government, despite the fact that sales before the tax was presented had additionally diminished by practically 20%. Revenue from fixed-chances sports betting was somewhere around over 25%.