What are the Reasons for pathological gambling behavior?

What are the Reasons for pathological gambling behavior?

The development of modern technologies, the availability of gambling for the population, has led our country not only to change living conditions, but also to the emergence of new psychological gambling behavior. To some, slot machines or lotteries seem like amusement and harmless stress relievers.

Different kinds of addiction

Game addiction agents are infinitely diverse. In addition to slot machines, these include card games (poker, blackjack, etc.), dominoes and roulette.

Gambling as a form of leisure or entertainment exists everywhere, and the vast majorities of people sometimes play in casinos, slot machines, go on the run, pledge, and buy lottery tickets. In this regard, many American researchers consider gambling a serious social problem that poses a threat to part of the population.

The problem use to be provoked by the truth that in the process of the game in some cases relaxation, relieving emotional stress, distraction from unpleasant problems occurs and the game is considered as a pleasant time spending. By this mechanism, retraction gradually begins and dependence develops.

A pathological gambling behavior survey conducted last year in several European countries shows that 33% of adolescents aged of 12 to 17 play free online gambling.

Such games are convenient and easily accessible, and they can also be accessed from home, often without parental control. Their novelty, high level of stimulation and low level of physical activity is also an appeal for young people, many of whom are technically advanced.

The pathological gambling addict behavior belongs to the group of mental disorders. In the International Classification of Diseases of the

Not in all countries, gambling addiction is accepted as a disease. In many countries, the approach to this issue is much less loyal, gambling addiction is considered a kind of bad habit.

pathological gambling behavior

Signs of gambling addiction:

Long been keen on the game to the detriment of work, financial condition and family relationships; wants to stop the game, but cannot stop; owed money to relatives, friends; tells them a lie about where he spent time and what he spent money on; in case of a win, he cannot stop and go in the black, but continues the game with the goal of winning even more, and as a result goes into minus.

The mechanism for the formation of game addiction is based on partially unconscious aspirations, needs: avoiding reality and accepting a role.


Psychotherapists are involved in the treatment of gambling addiction, and the success of treatment depends primarily on how true the patient’s desire to recover is and how the doctor will interest the patient to overcome this ailment.

First of all, treatment should be consistent and continuous. It is very important for a disease such as gambling, the treatment of which should be carried out with the full consent of the patient, the participation of relatives and friends of the patient.