Perfect Gaming Rules From the Danish gambling authority

Perfect Gaming Rules From the Danish gambling authority

Gambling in Denmark is allowed in both physical establishments and online sites. The Danish gambling market is nationalized and controlled by a specially created agency that is the Danish Gambling Authority.

This is a division of the Ministry of Justice of Denmark, which issues licenses and regulates the work of gaming companies. The legislative framework of the field of gambling was revised in 1990. Private companies were given the opportunity to participate in the legal offer of gambling services in online and physical casinos.

Since the Danish gambling authority, for the most part is nationalized, online casino sites are required to meet a number of requirements. Foreign operators of Internet sites wishing to offer their services in Denmark must purchase a license and must also meet the following requirements:

  • The language of the site must be Danish. If the platform is owned by a foreign operator, the Danish language must be listed.
  • You can select the Danish currency for the transaction
  • Provides technical maintenance for Danish users
  • Payment systems include those working only in the territory of Denmark

Danish gambling authority

Foreign operators who provide their services legally in Denmark are imposed a higher tax than domestic operators. Foreign companies pay the state about 20% of the annual profits obtained in the Danish gaming market.

Game regulators in Denmark

The Gambling regulations in Denmark market in Denmark is carried out by a special body which is the Danish Gambling Authority, a division of the Ministry of Justice.

Gambling in Denmark are considered forms of entertainment, separated by descriptions that group them into those where the outcome of the game is determined at random, bets are required or where the player can receive a reward for paying bets.

Game Licenses

To obtain permission to conduct gambling business in Denmark, a request must be made to the Danish Gambling Authority.

The administration considers the request if the founder of the company is over 21 years old and has no problems with the law, secondly it is considered if the company has a satisfactory history in the business and thirdly if the creation of the company for Provision of gambling services is well founded.

Game development in Denmark

In the 2016 annual report of the Danish game administration, it marked the immediate objectives and perspectives of the game’s development. Management representatives reported that they would continue cooperation with national and foreign casino game operators in the territory of Denmark.

To avoid adding to the game and creating a healthy eating environment, the Danish Gambling Authority is planning to hold a series of educational conferences in schools, universities and sports clubs.

Customers who have registered on the list are blocked access to online gambling sites, as well as gambling sites, temporarily or permanently. Thus it is proven that Denmark is the safest gaming markets in Europe.