What Do You Need tyo know About the Legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands?

What Do You Need tyo know About the Legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands?

Not so long ago it became known that the Dutch government is going to legalize virtual gambling, as well as online casinos. This will be done by issuing licenses with permission to organize and conduct a network gambling business.

Online gambling, including online casinos, has already gained legislative force in the following countries:

Sweden, Austria, France, England and Italy, this allows you to control this dynamically developing sphere in the virtual space and regulate it (this sphere) with the help of specially adopted bills.

The Dutch authorities consider it necessary to adhere to the position of civilized developed European countries. Therefore, plans for the near future include the legalization of online casinos and online gambling through the issuance of a license for popular virtual gambling, such as bingo, poker and sports betting.

legalization of online gambling

It should be noted that the previous bill on online gambling completely prohibited online casinos and online gambling. This time, more liberal conditions were introduced in the legalization online gambling in the Netherlands for its creation and development by the new cabinet.

The minister also said that the issuance of licenses for offline gambling should be more transparent. In addition, he offers to encourage healthy competition in this area, as today the dominance of the state casino operator is observed in the offline casino market.

Choice of gaming sites

By the way, in most developed European countries the choice of gaming sites, especially online casinos, is quite large, which allows you to attract players not only from your country, but also from others, by providing all sorts of favorable conditions and promotions, most of which enable gambling players to receive special incentive casino deposit bonuses.

According to the Dutch government, thanks to the issuance of online casino licenses, which implemented in 2012, the Dutch state budget will replenish by at least 10 million euros per year by the government legalizing of online gambling in the Netherlands.


The online gambling bill contains provisions and proposals for the reorganization of the online gambling market in the Netherlands, according to which international online gambling and betting operators can obtain licenses from a local regulator and work in a regulated environment.

Such companies will also be required to pay taxes to the country for the ability to serve local customers.

The start of the consideration of the bill on remote gambling in the Senate is scheduled for today, February 5. According to experts, approval will lead to some progress in the reorganization of a market with great potential.

Despite the lack of a regulation system for online gambling in the Netherlands, the rate of involvement of local citizens in online gambling has increased by 20% instead of the Netherlands online gambling restrictions.