Understand the Best of Online Gambling Laws in Norway

Understand the Best of Online Gambling Laws in Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country that has the strictest legislation on gambling in the world. In the territory of the state only some types of gambling are allowed, and all of them are strictly controlled by the authorities through three fundamental laws: on lotteries, bets and games.

Only two companies have official authorization to provide gambling services: Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. However, the main focus of its activities is not the casino, but the organization of races, keno lottery and sports betting. In Norway there have never been physical casinos and they are not expected to be.

Online casinos in Norway

Online gambling in Norway is subject to the online gambling laws in Norway as offline games. Advertising and organization of virtual games is prohibited without the respective license. Only two state-owned companies have the exclusive rights to provide online gaming services.

Norwegian players will be able to access 189 online casinos, 22 websites dedicated to online poker, 35 online platforms for sports betting, 33 portals with bingo, 26 mobile casinos, 5 online platforms with lotteries and 4 DFS websites.

Game Licenses

Virtually the entire gaming industry in Norway is a monopoly of gambling in Norway with two companies: Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. However, commercial organizations may request a license to conduct a lottery.

In accordance with the minutes of the Law on lotteries, you can request the authorization of activities such as raffles and preliminary lotteries that are carried out by the gambling center of Norway or other public authorities, that of Lotteries drawn up by a Commercial operator, the Organization of poker tournaments.

The license is issued for the organization of the annual Norwegian Championship in three types of poker tournaments and five regional qualification championships, Bingo, for the preliminary preparation of scratch cards,

Game licenses are issued by the Norwegian gaming center. The requirements that a company must present in order to obtain a license are to present a criminal record certificate from the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO.

online gambling laws in Norway

This certificate shows that they are not guilty of crimes related to the violation of the lottery law, as a second requirement the company must be solvent and thirdly the company must be registered authentically.

Final words:

In Norway, legalizing various games at home is legalized as per the Norwegian gambling legislation, unless the game is considered a business. Norwegian citizens are required to pay the tax on winnings received in another country.

Due to the time change, some countries are starting to develop gaming online platforms, many companies want to get a license in gambling conditions that are regulated. Online poker is popular in many countries, and firms are trying to get the government to accept it.